Amigo Computing Incorporated ("Amigo") was established in 2004 in Vancouver, B.C.  The purpose of the business was to formalize Juan Herrera's computer consulting practice and establish a brand which would be easily recognized in Vancouver's very competitive I.T. market place. Amigo services small to midsize businesses throughout the lower mainland as well as far north as Yellowknife, NT; as far east as Atikokan, ON; and, as far south as Lima, Peru! Amigo provides technical support services a la carte as well as an on going monthly service agreement providing managed services for your desktops, mobile devices, servers, and cloud assets.


Amigo has a very diverse team as unique as their individual skill sets:

Juan Herrera


Juan got into computers from a very early age when he started tinkering with hardware. In school, Juan would elect to study computer science related courses as well as business and economics. He graduated from B.C.I.T. from Software Systems Development (with Honours mention) and went on to complete the Computer Systems Technology diploma.

Boba Kos


Boba grew up in Burnaby, BC (alongside her older brother,and most recently her puppy) to parents who immigrated to Canada nearly 40 years ago.  She attended both high school and University close to home. In university, she chose to complete a degree that emphasized her interests in the arts. One of Boba’s favorite quotes is “Keep smiling, because life is a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about.” ~ Marilyn Monroe


Amigo's core services are as follows.

Friendly Support

Our is staff is approachable and ready to help at any time day or night so that you can take your mind off of the technology that drives you and instead focus on your business knowing that we are there to help whenever and wherever you need. Look no further if you need support for Windows, Mac, or Linux as well as cloud.

Cloud Servers

We have two Canadian data centres at your disposal which allow us to have full flexibility when building a solution to suit your needs. Choose from stand-alone or fail-over configurations as well as clustering for real-time replication. No matter what your requirements are we can deliver high performance cloud computing solutions at competitive rates.


Disaster Recovery

Our cloud based backup and disaster recovery solutions can be tailored to fit your needs from simple file backups to complete disaster recovery of your most critical infrastructure. Our backup solutions are designed to help you get your business back up and running quickly while minimizing dataloss including from threats such as ransomware.


Telephone Service

Our telephone services provide all the basic features you would come to expect from a telephone system with the added option for teleconferencing and much more!


File Sync and Share

We help keep your staff connected both in and out of the office through our file sync solution which also helps secure your data from theft and ransomware.

Project Management

Our staff can help you with infrastrutcture reviews as well as build-outs and help your business meet regulatory compliance and assist with audits.


You may reach us by phone at +1 (604) 692-6446.

Our office address is:

Suite 618 - 688 West Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC  V6B-1P1